F e e l   t h e   s t r e n g t h

Why Atlantis

What you get out of your equipment depends on what goes into it, so when it comes to making the right choices for various applications, we sweat the small stuff. Ideas that look good on paper don't always hold up in the field, so every concept and part we use is put through a series of structural tests over a 6-12 month period in both controlled and natural settings before being commercialized.

Our 50,000 square foot, 3,500-member facility provides our designers with valuable feedback that software and engineering guidelines alone cannot anticipate, such as people stepping on seat pads to change accessories or the impact of improper use on a given unit. More importantly, it helps us establish what various users do and don't like; something we feel is often overlooked by manufacturers that "design and impose", rather than "observe and respond".

Each year we spend more and more of our customers' money on… our customers! Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in re-investing in new moulds, machinery and human resources to continually improve our offer.
We build every piece of Atlantis equipment using a careful balance of in-house and out-sourced methodology to ensure cost effectiveness, consistency and superior quality. CAD computer technology dictates every cut, weld, and part used during a 6-stage process that culminates in a confined quality control area where units are carefully inspected and labeled prior to shipping.

Atlantis has been passionate about strength since Mr. Raymond Sansoucy, an ex-Canadian Bodybuilding champion and international competitor, founded the company. Thirty years later, Atlantis is known worldwide as the strength equipment specialist.

Atlantis is proud to offer a vast array of strength equipment with more than 240 pieces of equipment. We are convinced that you will find the perfect mix of equipment to suit your needs.

Designed by strength specialists who study biomechanics and ergonomics, Atlantis equipment is renowned for its comfort. From beginners to famous experts like Mr. Charles Poliquin, people who use Atlantis equipment love the solid, comfortable, and smooth feel of working out on our machines.

Our long term clients regularly attest to the fact that the quality of Atlantis equipment is incomparable. The equipment is well-built and made to last. We offer a lifetime warranty on the equipment structure and plates. It's not unusual to find clients with Atlantis equipment in good condition after more than 20 years of service.

Apart from offering more than 240 pieces of equipment, Atlantis offers a high degree of equipment customization. It's possible to choose different colours for the equipment frame and upholstery. You can also customize the upholstery with your own logo. Finally, we can modify the dimensions of certain equipment if you have any specific requests or demands. Please check the customization section or call to speak to a representative to learn more.

Atlantis is able to offer you a very short lead time by producing just-in-time in Canada. When you buy from Atlantis, it's possible to receive your equipment a few weeks after your initial order. Who can beat that?