F e e l   t h e   s t r e n g t h

M-126 Tibia Dorsi Flexion.

  • Provides superior tibia isolation for rock climbers, runners, etc.
  • Users can either exercise legs independently or simultaneously when seated.
  • Heel plate pivots with pad for biomechanical correctness.
  • Check out the new Youtube training tip video with Charles Poliquin!
  • Width : 34”(86 cm)
  • Height : 13”(33 cm)
  • Length : 15”(38 cm)
  • Weight : 64 lb (29 kg)
Atlantis machines are offered in a choice of 3 frame colors and with many color options for the upholstery. Please see the PDF below to view your choices. Many Atlantis machines can be customized to suit your needs, let us know if you have any requests.
Please note that the image may differ slightly from the actual product.